Film to raise awareness of Crystal Meth dangers to gay community

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Tweakers, a film about the crystal-meth epidemic and the lives it destroys, has gained official support by the West Hollywood City Council, after a motion introduced by Councilmember John Duran was unanimously approved.

“Projects like ‘Tweakers’ are very important because they deliver a warning message to those who are thinking about using this drug and to those who are already addicted to it in a way that is direct yet not confrontational,” said Mr Duran, who himself is in recovery.

“I believe every effort we can make to let people know about the danger of using crystal is a great effort and we should not stop until this drug goes away”, he added.

The film Tweakers is based on the book by author Frank Sanello who examined how crystal-meth abuse is reaching epidemic proportions amongst the gay community. The film portrays the ravage caused by the use the drug, and how it impacts the lives of relatives and friend’s of meth users. The film is the brain child of West Hollywood community activists Jimmy Palmieri and Sue Sexton.

“I am so tired of seeing my community, which is so vibrant and full of energy, having the life sucked out of it with this hellish drug,” said filmmaker Jimmy Palmieri. “Crystal meth has made skeletons and zombies out of strong, intelligent men, and I hope this film provides the much needed call to action,” he said.

“I am involved with ‘Tweakers’ because I have seen lives destroyed by this drug,” said Sue Sexton. “I have seen those I love become addicts. I have been lied to, stolen from and have watched good friends develop AIDS from using it. I hope this film will awaken something in the viewer who is using crystal to stop, and alert something in those who have thought about trying it to never start.”

Shooting for this project will start in the next few months and it is expected to be released for public viewing in the spring of 2007.

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