Graham Norton: “I’m too old to be attractive to gay men”

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Camp television personality Graham Norton claims that he is too old to find love.

The 43-year-old gay presenter of Strictly Come Dancing things that he’s too ancient to be attractive to other gay men.

He told Closer magazine: “People don’t ever throw themselves at me. They come over and say hello but they’re not going to waste time having sex with you when you’re an older man.

“That’s just how the gay world works. I’m normally single so it’s not really that weird being on my own now.

“By and large I’ve always lived my life as a single man but there are definitely moments when I wish it was different.”

Norton recently split up with his 24 year-old boyfriend Kristian Seeber.

Earlier this week he complained that he is sick of being made to play gay. “I’m surrounded with scores of straight producers making sure I am as gay this week as I was last week.” He told BBC3 programme, The Trouble With Gay Men. “So you say I don’t want to do this really gay joke and they say basically you think of a better joke and then you say, alright, I will be taken up the arse one more time.”