Most gay Americans are out, study claims

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A new census conducted annually by the School of Public Communications at Syracuse University in New York suggests that 97% of gay Americans are out to their families, friends and at work.

That statistic, which some activists are suggesting seems unreasonably high, is partnered with several other percentages in the Gay/Lesbian Consumer Census Online, conducted in partnership with the media relations group OpusComm.

A spokesman for the census said it is the largest annual GLBT study, with nearly 5,000 national responses. The goal of the census is to help paint a clearer picture of GLBT people – their relationships, their families, their politics and their consumer and media habits.

“When it comes to relationships, children, economics, employment, the GLCensus reveals that the national gay community is one that is comprised of a population that is deeply seated in values and concerns, not unlike the rest of America”, said Jeff Garber, president of OpusComm Group.

The 97% statistic is comprised of findings from a number of questions. A deeper look at the survey finds 85% of respondents are out to family, 95% to friends and 74% at the workplace.

Additional findings from the survey include 77% respondents feel legal recognition of same-sex marriage for tax, estate and insurance purposes are extremely important in voting for a candidate.

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