George Michael cleared on crash claims

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Gay singer George Michael has been cleared following allegations that he caused a three car smash.

The star was questioned by police after witnesses claimed they saw the artist hit a grey Ford Fiesta on Easter Sunday and then drive off, hitting a white Peugeot and green Rover on the way.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “Inquiries were made to establish the owner of the vehicle, but the file is now closed.”

Michael’s insurers will pay the £15,000 repair bill, the Daily Mirror claims.

An onlooker told the Daily Mirror after the crash, “I spotted George Michael just sitting there, staring at us. He didn’t look too good for that time on a Sunday morning.

“After a while he tried to move off but shunted into the back of a Peugeot. It scraped its wheels along the kerb and then smashed into the front of a green Rover. There was another almighty crash, then he just drove off again.

“It was really bizarre. No one could quite believe what they were seeing.”

The former WHAM front man recounted his version of the Easter Sunday crash incident on the Parkinson talk show, “I got into my parked car, which was on a very steep hill I have to add, took the handbrake off, tried to manoeuvre out and hit the car in front of me.

“I didn’t know that it hit the car in front of it, and hit the car in front of that.”

But the singer rejected reports that he drove off without telling anybody.