Doctor Who star claims gay kiss was dropped

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A star of a future episode of the hit drama Doctor Who claims that a gay kiss was dropped because it was a step too far.

Openly gay Andrew Hayden-Smith, the Children’s BBC (CBBC) presenter who formerly stared in teenage soap opera, Byker Grove is to appear as a preacher fighting against an evil industry in the current series of the sci-fi revival.

He told Wales on Sunday that gay writer of Doctor Who, Russell T Davies wanted to include a gay kiss in the new series but decided against it out of fears it may upset the many fans of the show.

Hayden Smith who guest stars in an episode with current Doctor David Tennant and assistant Billie Piper said: “There’s a line at the end that suggests my character is gay but it’s not made clear. I think Russell was after a gay kiss but they couldn’t push it that far!

“I was just pleased to work with Russell because I think he is great.”