Human rights group move against gay marriage law change

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The Human Rights Campaign’s fight against the Federal Marriage Amendment has hit full swing as the date for the Senate vote approaches.

With a vote scheduled the week of June 5 2006, the rights activists have launched an advertising campaign in the press targeting gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans, urged more than 250,000 fair-minded Americans to act against the amendment.

They have also released an online video aimed at encouraging action by highlighting the radical right’s discriminatory campaign and continue to lead the Coalition Against Discrimination in the Constitution, a coalition of more than 120 groups in fighting the amendment.

“One month and counting until the Senate wastes more time on singling out a group of Americans for discrimination. The time to act is now and every day to the vote,” said Human Rights Campaign president Joe Solmonese. “Our ads and postcard campaign are just pieces of the puzzle in motivating fair-minded Americans to take action against the amendment.

“While we’re on Capitol Hill day in and day out lobbying against any effort to put discrimination in our Constitution, it’s vital that back home all fair-minded Americans are doing their part to make their voices heard.”

The online video features clips of anti-gay rhetoric from President Bush, Senators Rick Santorum and John Cornyn, Reverend Pat Robertson and Bill O’Reilly, in reference to the amendment and asks viewers to go to the Human Rights Campaign’s website to fight back.

The print ad includes a photo of Senators Rick Santorum and Bill Frist with the following text: “This June the right wing will attempt to make lesbian. Gay, bisexual and transgender people second-class citizens forever. Fight the Federal Marriage Amendment. Scheduled Vote June 5.”

The campaign features in around 26 publications in two dozen cities across America.

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