BNP: Gays good, homosexuals bad

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background. Exclusive

The British National Party fears that homosexuality will soon be compulsory if activists get their way.

A spokesman for Nick Griffin’s right wing party told today that homosexuality should not be promoted as equal to a straight lifestyle.

The representative said: “The word gay means happy, we have no problem with being happy.

“Some unfortunate people suffer from homosexuality so we will just have to tolerate them.

“If I was one I would be ashamed and would remain celibate.”

He said the Party would not persecute people for their sexuality, but voiced support for service providers such as hoteliers who may wish to prohibit gay couples from sharing rooms.

And in homage to the upcoming gay pride parades this summer, he said: “I call it gay shame, a freak show, revolting.”

“I know it’s politically incorrect, but that’s what we are,” he added.

In regards to rumours this week that BNP councillor, Richard Barnbrook, made a gay porn film, the spokesman said: “We do not care about this, it was made years ago, he is not a homosexual.

“It’s an arty farty film, the people could be nudists.”