Residents despair after discovering gay paedophile neighbour

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Enfield residents are demanding to know why they were not informed about a convicted paedophile and his gay lover living in their area for 20 years unchecked, as vandals begin to target the couple’s flat.

William McIntyre, 63, and his boyfriend, Geoffrey Taylor, 50, were jailed by Wood Green Crown Court for six years after sexually abusing a 13-year-old boy, who came forward seven years later.

McIntyre, who had previous convictions of sexually abusing children, was never placed on the Sex Offenders Register as his last offence was 13 years before it came into force.

His charges include indecently assaulting a boy under the age of 14, in which he had to pay £10 costs, two prison sentences for buggery in 1974 and indecency in 1979.

A neighbour, Arthur Coates, told the Borehamwood and Elstree Times, “Residents are sick to their stomachs.

“They cannot believe what these two men have been doing.

“If their victim had not come forward, those men would still be living in that flat free to carry on abusing.

“We are told it’s likely paedophiles are in every neighbourhood it’s just whether you get to know about them or not.”

One resident, Melody Morton, said the gay couple had told neighbours they were father and son

“They would sit out on the grass in the summer and chat to neighbours, they told us they were father and step son and denied any sexual relationship.

“They made out they hated kids, but Geoff was particularly friendly with some of the residents.

“Some neighbours would invite him into their homes to share a cup of tea with him. Even after Geoff was convicted, some older people would not believe he had anything to do with it.”

McIntyre and Taylor’s property has been empty for six months and is often targeted by vandals in the middle of the night.

Ms Morton, said: “The noise was frightening and would have terrified the young woman and her son who live directly above the property.

“What if the next thing they put through the window is a firebomb? What if a new family had moved in?

“The place should be boarded up.”

An Enfield council spokesman told the paper, “We had been unable to take formal possession of the property until April because we were forced to go through the legal route.

“This was because the pair had not surrendered the property to us and kept possessions


“We are looking to move new tenants into the property as soon as possible.

“For the moment the flat is boarded up, but will be redecorated and is currently being put out for viewing.”