Schwarzenegger may veto gay history

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California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger plans to block a “gay history” bill, according to reports.

The law would have included sexual orientation on a list of requirements, including gender and race, which schools in California cannot ignore or discriminate against and must recognise positively in textbooks.

But Adam Mendelsohn, Mr Schwarzenegger’s director of communications told the Sacramento Bee: “The governor believes that school curriculum should include all important historical figures, regardless of orientation.”

“However, he does not support the Legislature micromanaging curriculum.”

Senator Sheila Kuehl, a sponsor of the bill, said: “There is nothing controversial in this bill, fairness has always played well when we’re talking about our schools. All this bill does is to say that official materials adopted by the schools shouldn’t contain adverse materials about gay people and that our role should be accurately reflected in the teaching of history.”

Randy Thomasson, president of Campaign for Children and Families (CCF) said: “Schools should be about academics, not about promoting alternative sexual lifestyles to impressionable schoolchildren.”