Volunteer head sacked over gay remark

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The chairman of the Scottish Council of Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) has been forced to resign after publicly disapproving of teaching about homosexuality in schools.

Bashir Maan, Scottish Chairman of the Muslim Council of Britain, made the remarks in a letter to the Herald disproving of gay sex education in Scotland.

He wrote, “These politicians, through certain elements of sex education in schools, are motivating young innocent children to indulge in premature sex that is resulting in teenage pregnancies.

“As if that were not enough, gay sex education is also being added to the sex curriculum in schools.

“This will encourage experiments of homosexuality among young children and add to the growing creed of homosexuality.”

An SCVO spokesman said the board had collectively agreed to ask him to resign.

Mr Maan, 80, told the Herald he was going to retire soon anyway, “This has forced my hand. It is a pity it has to end in these circumstances.

“I can understand the SCVO’s point of view, my views would bring me into conflict with the gay and lesbian organisations in their membership, so perhaps I should have retired before I opened my mouth. I did not intend to demean anyone.”