Gay animal celebration at London Zoo

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London Zoo in Regents Park is throwing a party to encourage debate on homosexuality in the animal kingdom. The event, Gay Sunday, is expected to attract hundreds of gay visitors, who will be entertained by drag queens and fire eaters, as they explore the zoo and meet some of the most endangered animals on the planet.

Cocktails will be served in a specially built VIP terrace bar, to the accompaniment of jazz classics and the growls, squeaks, hisses and chirrups of the six hundred and fifty animal, reptile and bird species who make the zoo their home.

High-profile gay celebrities have also been invited, including Sir Elton John, Dale Winton, and Graham Norton.

The event is being organised by the London Zoological Society (LZS), who selected the zoo because it is becoming a top gay date venue.

The organiser Joanna Green said in an interview with the Sunday Mirror; “a walk through our tropical butterfly tunnel will add a romantic touch to the day. But people can also come face-to-face with African hunting dogs or a giraffe. This day is all about celebrating gay culture and encouraging conservation. There will be a discussion from gay organisations and wildlife experts, debating homosexuality within the animal kingdom.

“It will be fun, educational and, of course, very, very camp.”

Since comedian Scott Capurro’s documentary / comedy show about gay animals, where he travelled the world in search of same sex animal couples, debate about the “naturalness” of being gay has been raging. The famous New York Penguin couple, Silo and Roy had been seen as a clear cut example of homosexuality in the animal kingdom, having been together faithfully for six years, until Silo left Roy for a female last year.

But there is hope for fidelity on the gay animal scene; flamingos Carlos and Fernando from Slimbridge wildfowl reserve have been together for five years and are currently raising a chick that they adopted when it was an egg.

The event will take place on September 17th, and tickets can be bought on the gate for £14.50 on the gate.