Banton Danish gig met with gay protests

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Just a week after reggae artist Buju Banton was banned from performing in Brighton, gay activists in Denmark have protested against the singer’s scheduled gig in the country.

Over 250 Danish gay campaigners demonstrated outside The Rock concert venue, calling for “zero tolerance for homophobia” and the elimination of “murder music.”

Banton’s Concorde 2 gig in Brighton was met with outrage last week after he categorically refused to apologise for his notorious 1990s hit ‘Boom Bye Bye’ which appears to incite the burning, shooting in the head of gay people and pouring acid over their faces

Gay campaigner, Mikael Bo Larsen told the Agence France-Presse, “We want to draw the public’s attention to this man, who is a declared enemy of homosexuals and who should not be allowed to express himself because he fuels hatred against minorities.”

Manager of The Rock, Erik Frydendahl, told the news agency that Banton promised there would be no homophobia in the performance, and claimed the power would be cut if there was.

Meanwhile gay business owners in Brighton have planned to boycott the Concorde 2 club in reaction to the uproar over the Buju Banton gig.