Tabloid claims George Michael was cruising on Hampstead Heath

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A tabloid newspaper has published photographs of pop star George Michael in which they claim he is cruising for sex.

The News of the World published a series of photographs of the star which they claim prove that he was illegally having sex in a public place.

The photographs they published both in print and on their website simply show him walking to his car through Hampstead Heath. The newspaper also printed photographs of a 58-year-old unemployed van driver who they claim the star had sex with.

Michael is printed as saying: “I don’t believe it! F*** off! If you put those pictures in the paper I’ll sue!” when he spotted a photographer.

The article published today claims: “The pair kissed and groped each other before going even further. It was all in a public place and totally illegal – just like the day in 1998 when George flashed at an undercover cop in a California park toilet.”

It is not clear what the News of the World means by “even further” but it is clearly not illegal for two men to kiss in public in Britain.

Reporters from the newspaper then followed van driver Norman Kirkland to his home in Brighton. There he greeted the reporter naked at the door of his “squalid flat.”

Mr Kirkland claimed that the star suggested he contact him through dating website Gaydar.

“We just started kissing. He did it very well. That was one of his major points. Then it was fondling and mutual pleasuring. It wasn’t full sex but it was fantastic.”

The star later told the News of the World: “I’m not doing anything illegal. The police don’t even come up here any more.

“I’m a free man, I can do whatever I want. I’m not harming anyone.”


Whilst having sex in public is illegal, it is unclear whether stalking gay men at Hampstead Heath is in the public interest. That a small amount of gay men cruise in London is hardly news.