Madrid Mayor conducts gay wedding despite opposition from his own party

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The mayor of Madrid has been criticised by his own party for officiating at the gay wedding of one of his staff

Alberto Ruiz Gallardon is a member of the Spanish People’s Party (PP), who themselves opposed the introduction of gay marriage in the country last year.

Señor Ruiz Gallardon conducted the ceremony of Javier Gomez, a PP strategist and Manuel Rodenas, a city council employee.

A spokesman for the party told the AFP press agency that officiating at the wedding was in direct contravention to the PP’s policy on same-sex marriages. They called on Señor Ruiz Gallardon not to officiate at one again.

In reply, Señor Ruiz Gallardon said that he was simply following the law.

The PP are currently fighting the government in the country’s Constitutional Court claiming that gay marriage is unconstitutional.