‘Noxious substance’ causes evacuation of Comptons

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Famous London venue Comptons of Soho was evacuated last night after what police describe as a ‘noxious substance’ was released.

A statement from Comptons said: ” At around 7pm last night, staff and customers noticed a strong smell of something similar to gas. As a precautionary measure, the bar was evacuated and the police were called.

“The emergency services arrived and a short while later declared the site clear. Our staff were checked out by paramedics and although some suffered temporary breathing difficulties, they were absolutely fine a few hours later.”

Ten customers were also affected, but no one was taken to hospital. The bar, on Old Compton St in the centre of Soho, was re-opened at 9.30pm.

Metropolitan police officers attended the scene and questioned staff and customers but as yet no arrests have been made. No witnesses were able to give a clear account of what had happened.