America obssessed with “transsexual murderer”

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On Christmas Day 1996 the dead body of JonBenét Ramsey was found by her father in the family basement, eight hours after she had been reported missing.

A number of suspects have been put before the cameras, from the Ramsey family (both parents) to locally registered sex offenders, although the media’s obsession for the killer has found no guilty party yet.

The behaviour of the media towards the family during their investigation and trial by media resulted in them claiming damages from the United States biggest news outlets such as the Fox News Channel and The New York Post.

Five years later former FBI agent John Douglas, hired to investigate the murders by the Ramsey family, published his book on the murdersThe Cases That Haunt Us.

He claimed the case may never be solved.

The discovery of John Karr’s possible involvement in the case has put the media back on the scent.

Since the discovery of Karr’s confession and arrest in Thailand, after he was arrested on five year old child pornography charges, the American media has gone crazy for even the smallest detail.

Every news outlet in the US seems to be reading the Press Association’s report out on air, or copying it onto their pages.

Karr left for the US voluntarily with American officials, though there has been no word on what he has said to them in interviews.

Once again, though, the US is looking at the case with all the intensity that the media can muster.

The discovery that Karr was looking for gender reassignment treatment at the time of his arrest by the Press Association has added a new page to the morbid search for a killer.

With the lack of facts over the past day over Karr’s interview by US investigators, the information about a possible gander reassignment has added colour to a case, and helped to indulge the obsessive need for information.

Bangkok, where John Karr has been residing on and off for the past two years, charges as little as $1,625 for gender reassignment, much cheaper than US prices for the same treatment.

He has also been reported to have undergone hair removal treatment on his face.

Karr has little to support his claim other than his own confession.

His former wife has claimed they were on holiday in a different state the day when JonBenet was killed, and his version of events was apparently inconsistent with facts when interviewed by the Thai authorities following his confession.