Doubts raised over South Africa gay marriage law

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South Africa’s Civil Union Bill has drawn yet more criticism ahead of a hearing on the law next week.

Committee members of the Department of Home Affairs, in charge of drafting the legislation, have raised concerns that not enough organisations were consulted about the bill.

Gay group, the Triangle Project, told South African publication The Cape Argus: “We remain hopeful that the deciding factor during this process will be human rights and that right-wing fundamentalist groups will not attempt to hijack the issue.”

However the Department of Home Affairs insists all consultations took place prior to the drafting of the bill.

Christian groups are rumoured to be organising a protest at the hearing next week, pushing for a constitutional amendment to preserve marriage as a union between man and a woman

Last December the Constitutional Court of South Africa ruled that same-sex marriages should enjoy the same legal status as those between men and women, thereby giving the parliament a year to amend the 1961 marriage law.

Parliament has been given until the end of the year to change the law.