Gay clubs queue up to stop drink spiking

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Gay clubs across the south are queuing up to get hold of drink anti-spiking devices after a nightclub in Brighton became the first to offer the protection last month. reported in August that Revenge nightclub, which is the biggest gay venue on the south coast, was to offer its customers drink protection after a nasty increase in drink-spiking incidents was reported by venues in the area.

Now, other venues are following suit and hoping to offer their customers the same protection.

“The response to the article on is incredible,” says Andrew Roberts, who manages Revenge. “Within a few days of the story appearing on the site four clubs had got in touch asking where they could get hold of the devices.”

Two well-known gay venues in Bournemouth – Rubyz and Xchange – were among the first to contact Revenge. “I’ll definitely be introducing the devices to the club,” Dan Peters, manager of Rubyz nightclub told “Lots of people still leave their drinks on the side. When customers see that we offer spiking protection, it’ll make them think about what they’re doing.”

Revenge reports that the number of people using the devices is increasing all the time as customers become more aware that protection is available.

“We are proud to have been the first to introduce the devices,” said Mr Roberts, “But we’re equally happy that other gay clubs are also now hoping to offer this protection to their customers.”