Ex-lover ‘saws through neck’ of newly-out girlfriend

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A man who killed and almost decapitated his newly-out girlfriend did so by sawing through her neck, a court heard today.

Pathologist Dr Vesna Djurovic said Jacqueline Queen suffered dozens of injuries before she died and may have been unconscious as her ex-boyfriend James Seaton, 46, battered her to death.

Miss Queen, 39, died after sustaining serious head injuries inflicted by a club hammer found in a bucket in Mr Seaton’s bedroom and one of 13 knives discovered in his sink.

The pathologist said a horrific stab wound inflicted on her neck while she was still alive contributed to her death together with skull fractures and brain damage.

She said the 12cm wound through her neck showed that a weapon had been inserted with severe force, partially withdrawn and then plunged back in again, and that she also found evidence of a cutting action, the jury heard.

The body, wrapped in bed sheets, was later found by a dog walker in East Finchley, North London, last November