Foley offered ‘sexual reorientation’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Ex-Congressman Mark Foley has hit the headlines over the last month for his alleged solicitation of young congress aides that has shocked many Americans.

To add to the mystery of the saga, a group calling themselves Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays Gays (PFOX) has offered to effectively change his sexuality.

The group has startlingly stated that “No one is born gay”. Claiming instead that homosexuality is entirely a result of abuse, “Society must take a stand and stop the deliberate misinformation that people are ‘born gay’ and can’t overcome unwanted same-sex attractions. Failure to get involved will produce more victims like Mr Foley who then become abusers themselves.”

This bizarre homophobic group have attempted to utilise the Foley scandal and his behaviour towards the young people involved to spread their offensive beliefs about sexuality; and their claims that abuse makes people gay, alluding to Mr Foley’s revelations that he was sexually assaulted as a child.

The scandal has added to a growing list of threats to Republican domination of the House in next month’s elections.

The group claim to convert gay people regularly, Mr Foley has not responded to their invitation instead choosing to check in to a strictly 18s and over alcohol rehabilitation clinic.