Jerusalem gay pride cancelled amid Gaza violence

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Jerusalem’s gay pride march has been moved into a controlled area following escalating violence in the Gaza Strip, meaning police cannot guarantee adequate numbers to prevent riots between the ultra orthodox Jews and parade marchers at tomorrow’s event.

A compromise has reportedly been reached between the religious community, who had been protesting daily against the march, and the organisers, meaning the event will now comprise of a rally at a stadium.

The rally will be held inside a stadium at the Hebrew University’s Givat Ram Campus.

It comes after an outbreak of violence in the Gaza Strip which is occupying the army, making it the third cancelled attempt to march in Jerusalem because of military emergencies.

Israeli gay activist Yoav Sivan quipped, “It is the ultimate proof that God exists.”

He told “Once again external political circumstances affect the political agenda of the LGBT community in Israel.”

Earlier this year, attempts to hold a parade during WorldPride were quashed because of operations in Lebanon, and the Gaza disengagement a year before also halted proceedings.

The Jewish orthodox community has now vowed not to hold a protest against the rally after threatening “holy war” if the march went ahead over the last few months.