Gay designer goes ape in the jungle

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It’s been a tough first week in the jungle for gay fashion designer Scott Henshall, first he struggled to find any playmates, then he went embarrassingly ape over a bush tucker trail, but worst of all, he had to pluck David Gest’s ear and nose hairs.

Anyone would have thought the option of a bed with a roof over your head on ITV’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here would be an enticing one for any of the celebrity campers, but when Scott found a tree house containing two of the camp’s beds – no one wanted to bunk down with him.

The six kayakers thought they’d got off easy when they arrived first in camp before the bungee jumpers, but their work had just begun. They arrived to find just eight bunks in camp and a task of building a bridge in order to get to the other two so everyone could have a bed.

Faith Brown, Toby Anstis and Myleene Klass all declined Scott’s offer to accompany him, claiming the rocky tree house would make them queasy and in the end Lauren opted to join – but only after checking a few things:

“Scott, do you fart or snore?”

It soon becomes apparent that the tree house is set to become a controversial addition to camp life this series.

“It’s definitely divisive,” Phina Oruche said in the Bush Telegraph. “Maybe it’s our state of mind.”

Lauren Booth is of a similar view: “Nobody wants to go into the tree house – nobody. It shakes at night, it’s way out of the main camp and takes you away from the action and although it was a clever ploy it’s not quite luxurious enough to lure anyone in.”

Phina explained that the camp had decided to start a new rule – whoever embarks on the Bush tucker Trial gets to spend the night in the tree house with a camp mate of their choice.

But Scott still isn’t convinced: “I think that hut is going to cause more grief than happiness.”

Matt Willis agrees: “I think it’s going to become a pain in the arse.”

Lauren’s evening with Scott didn’t prove to be plain sailing and prompted a barbed comment or two about her room mate.

The blustery winds meant a fitful night for both of them.

“I haven’t laughed so much for months,” Lauren said. “Scott is just berserk and he screams. I moved my foot in my sleeping bag and he screamed. [I had that] every three or four minutes.

“And there were sarcastic little asides [from him] ‘This is so not a tree house. This is more like a council estate tree house and it’s not luxury’. He did that for an hour and a half and I was trying to sleep.”

It would seem that Phina also has her doubts about Scott. Whispering to Toby she made her feelings known: “I think Scott is going to lose it first. He seems very twisted by a fear of all kinds of strange things.”

“I think you might be right there,” Toby agrees.

“He is the weakest link so to speak,” Phina adds.

Later in the week Myleene and Scot have put their pampering and beauty skills to use by opening a beauty salon in the treehouse called Klassy Henshalls.

Open for business most of the day they have plucked, preened and massaged the other celebrities.

Myleene was quick to talk of her love for plucking and squeezing others bits and David revealed that he shared this passion.

“I have a thing about hair in my ear,” he told her.

“I love plucking,” she said enthusiastically.

“Oh god, a girl after my own heart,” David continued.

“This is the best – there is no better” says David showing her his extra special tweezers.

Myleene then looked inside his ears and nose and began to pluck.

“God, I’ve found the right girl. And they thought I was really weird,” David told her enjoying the attentions.

“If this shows on TV, I’m more nutty than they even think,” he worried. But at least his nose and ears are now clean and devoid of any nasty hairs!

Wednesday was Henshall’s birthday, following a chorus of Happy Birthday for Scott, he and Phina escaped for a bitching session about Jan Leeming- after she wound them both up.

Phina asked Scott to wish for something so she could say a birthday prayer for him. Scott wished for a man he could spend the rest of his life with to which Jan objected – saying he shouldn’t wish for such a thing and to live more in the moment.

Then, when Phina proceeded to say the prayer Jan cut in, asking Scott for wood – so he and Phina escaped to collect some and have a bitch about her:

“She has a nasty attitude. She is moaning about everything,” said Phina as she and Scott walked towards the creek.

Scott agreed: “I do think things are going to come to blows.”

Phina: “I am going to knock her block off…It’s your birthday – we can ask for anything in a prayer … She’s going ‘no I am a loser so everyone else is’. I am praying for you and she is complaining.”

They also agreed on the one other person winding them up a bit – David.

“David keeps asking me to do things,” Scott said.

“Who does he think he is?” said Phina.

Later in the Bush Telegraph Phina said:

“It’s customary for me to pray for people on their birthday…Jan was like – ‘don’t say life-long, you should ask for someone for this part of the journey’ – what kind of codswallop is that?”

“I think people agree to do things for DG because he has no energy and is in bed for 20 hours a day – otherwise how would anything get done?”

Later that day, Henshall became the the first celebrity to cry I’m A Celebrity …Get me Out of Here! in series six after his bug-phobia got the better of him.

He halted the trial to Ant and Dec’s astonishment after gaining just one star.

“I feel like Axl Rose in these pants,” Scott said as he met the presenters to do the Jungle Boogie trial wearing cycling shorts and a vest top.

In the trial area lay a jungle boogie dance floor with a glitter ball above and some plastic pants to step into. To get all ten stars, Scott would have to dance continuously to five different songs; the more flamboyant the dance moves the more stars he would earn.

“I don’t dance and I hate bugs!” he screamed before slipping into the plastic undies he named ‘Simon Cowell pants.’

Scott’s fear of bugs was evident when he could not endure more than one song before shouting for help.

He danced to The Jackson Five’s ‘Boogie’ which won him one star – as meal worms and crickets showered down on him. As Ant and Dec got ready to play the next song, he called a halt shouting “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! …Now!”

“You are joking aren’t you?” Dec said as Scott was lifted out of the plastic pants.

An astounded Ant said: “You could have stayed longer, couldn’t you?”

Scott replied: “No, absolutely not.”

“But they were only crickets and earth worms!” Ant pressed.

“No sorry – I know it’s pathetic, but I said I’d get one and that’s enough.”

Afterwards, the reality hit home and on his way back to camp to deliver the bad news Scott was mortified:

“I thought before I went in ‘I’ll be able to do this,’ but the songs lasted too long – they went on and on for an eternity – I really couldn’t have done any more. I know it might sound pathetic but tough.”

On his return into camp Scott broke the news:

“I tried my very best to endure more than what I did but I could only get one. I feel mortified I feel like I have let you all down. I got one I did really pathetic.”

Later referring to Jan, who looked most put out when Scott revealed he’d won just one star, Scott said to Faith: “Tempers will flare. I know someone is going to wind me up and I am going to snap at her.”

The designer was given little time to recover after being selected for another trail onDay 4.

The unlikely duo of Jan and Scott headed for the Tree Top Terror trial in matching yellow body suits.

Despite recent sniping the two put on a united front when they met Ant and Dec just before starting the trial, Scott being the more optimistic of the pair.

He said: “I’m loving this. I am not scared of heights.”

Jan sat more on the fence: “I’m not 100% happy.”

A 200ft tightrope – the height of Westminster Abbey ran from either side of the valley. As a team Scott and Jan had to get from one side of the valley to the other – Jan at the top moving along the tightrope on a wheel with Scott going up and down a ladder as they moved along and together tried to grab the balloons positioned along the way.

They got to the other side of the valley having bagged five balloons but as the whistle went Jan let one go by mistake meaning they took only four meals back to camp.

Referring to the one balloon that got away of the five, Jan said: “That seems to be the story of my life – the one that got away.”

It seemed as if they had put all their differences behind them to work as a team but it soon became clear that Scott had just been biting his tongue as he headed to the Bush Telegraph for a mega bitch about his partner.

“If there was one person causing tension in the group is Jan. I think she is a complicated and confused soul. Happy one minute, and then the next snappy.

“She said I was disgusting and I don’t want anyone saying I am disgusting. I think she is a fish out of water more then anybody. I suppose she is stuck with her ways.

“She has to learn to stick with a group. If there was one person causing friction… We work together as a team. There are moments she is really sweet.

“I don’t think she is mentally prepared for it. I made a remark about my yellow catsuit and made a joke to the camera man going up my bum and she said I was disgusting. She is not my mother, and who are you to say you are disgusted by me?

“She is sharp and condescending at times. She might not be aware of it. I’m gonna let her know she’s pissed me off a few times.”

Lauren agrees later to Scott: “I think she is very shrill, I’ll accept that.”

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