Mystery gay reveller emerges in Barrymore pool death case

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A new name has emerged as the possible key to what went on at gay star Michael Barrymore’s home after an inquiry into the death of Stuart Lubbock was reopened.

Lubbock, 31, was found dead in the swimming pool of the openly gay television personality in March 2001 after a drug fuelled party.

During the inquest that followed, an open verdict was reached and to date no-one has been charged in connection with Mr Lubbock’s death.

But to the delight of Mr Lubbock’s father, the case has been reopened with a mystery gay reveller seen to be key to the case, according to the Daily Mirror.

A source told the paper that a middle aged gay man who was at the party is due to be interview by police for a second time.

Barrymore has also been questioned along with other guests.

The former Strike It Lucky presenter insists it was a tragic accident where Lubbock drowned in his pool, but the man’s father, Terry Lubbock, believes his son was never in the water and says it has all been a cover up.

He told the Daily Mirror: “I’ve been waiting for answers for over five years and heard nothing whatever about another guest.

“Of course, this mystery person could just be used as a scapegoat and we need to find out he exists. Someone at that party knows what happened. I’m not going to stop until we find out the truth.”

A police spokesperson confirmed that the case has been reopened but could not give anymore details.