Alzheimers study has implications for LGBT people

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A major study on the social and economic impact of dementia in the UK, commissioned by the Alzheimers Society, through Kings College, London and the London School of Economics has been published today.

The report shows that as the UK’s population ages the number of people with dementia will grow substantially, reaching over 1 million by the year 2025.

Other research suggests a connection between recreational drug use and significant memory impairment.

Currently dementia costs the UK £17 billion per year.

Roger Newman MBE, joint founder of the LGBT Carers Group of the Alzheimers Society said:

“The implications of these figures for the LGBT community are huge.

“With at least 5% of the adult population being LGBT people, the increasing numbers within our community suffering from this terrible condition will be very significant.

“At present we estimate that there are 35000 LGBT with dementia but we have little or no idea where they are.

“There must be many LGBT people with this condition in domiciliary or residential care without family support and without the type of care fundamental to their needs as gay people.”

Mr Newman said that lesbians are of special importance with regards to this report as two thirds of those with dementia are woman.

“With the projected increase in numbers, suffering from dementia, there is surely an immediate challenge for the LGBT community to mobilise efforts to focus on meeting the needs of our older members,” he said.