Changing Czechs embrace gays and rich people

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A survey into attitudes of Czechs towards a range of groups of people shows increasing tolerance of gay people.

1046 people over 15 responded to the poll. In 1997, 29% of people said they “tolerated” homosexuals: the figure has doubled by 2007.

The other group who have found more acceptance in the former Communist country are the rich.

In 2003, 42% of respondents would not like a homosexual to be their neighbour, this year only 29 percent of people gave that response.

In 2005, 16% of citizens did not want to live next to the rich, while now one in ten does not want rich neighbours.

In the past, people of a different religion or political view were the least desired neighbours for Czech people.

How it is drug addicts, alcoholics, smokers and the mentally ill that are the neighbours they do not want.