YE5 I GAY numberplate up for sale

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In April 2006 reported that a homophobic numberplate had been withdrawn by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) after complaints by a leading gay MP.

Chris Byrant felt that plate H8 GAY was offensive to gay people.

Well, we can now reveal that another, less offensive numberplate is up for sale.

Earlier this month was contacted by a man named Pete, who claimed to have the plate YE5 I GAY.

Sceptical, we asked for proof, and photos duly arrived.

Pete, who lives in London, told

“I have had the numberplate for a few years – I am not sure if the man I bought it off was gay, it is hard to tell isn’t it? But he must have been.

“I liked it immediately because it is so clear – I could not believe it was allowed until I checked it out.

“I am selling it because I want to finance a property development abroad.”

Surely driving round the streets of north London must provoke some negative reactions?

Pete is coy, but insists that the vast majority of people react with amusement to his unique car accessory.

“It depends which part of town you drive through,” he says.

“The reactions from people can be negative from time to time depending on where you go – if you drive past a pub you might get some abuse – but then you would get abuse for walking down the street holding hands.

“Most people are positive – they point it out to their mates.

“I want to reach out to the whole community to ensure the best possible home is found for the plate where it will be cherished and prized.”

It would make the perfect gift for Jeremy Clarkson or, even better, Chris Moyles.

If anyone would like more details about the numberplate, they can contact Pete on 07886 968 401.

As a guide price, the DVLA website is offering the plates D5 GAY, E5 GAY and host of others at £399.