Brad Pitt to produce trans drama

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Ryan Murphy, creator of popular US drama Nip/Tuck, has sold a pilot to the FX network for a series about a man who realises he is a transsexual.

In a move which surprised many media observers, Brad Pitt is listed among the executive producers, in what would be his first foray into television.

The programme has already faced two drastic changes, however. One was over similarities to a real-life transsexual while the other followed misjudgements over the weight of a penis.

Originally called 4 Oz, supposedly after the weight of a non-erect penis, the programme is now called The Untitled Ryan Murphy Project while producers come up with a new title.

Critics objected to the specified weight almost as soon as they heard of the series, with Harold M. Reed, a doctor at a sexual reassignment surgery and specialist in genital reconstruction, saying it is actually only half as heavy.

Presumably that depends on the size, but whichever calculation is more accurate, Mr Murphy quipped to interviewers that it is “remarkably light given the amount of havoc it creates for men.”

The original pilot sold to the FX network concerned the exploits of a sportswriter who realised he is a transsexual.

The character has now been changed – with obvious overtones of Nip/Tuck – to a gynaecologist in practice with his father.

FX claims the change had nothing whatsoever to do with the recent article in the Los Angeles Times by sports writer Mike Penner announcing he was changing his sex and name .

Mr Murphy says the first series will deal with the man’s secret, the second with his adoption of women’s clothing, the third will cover the surgery itself, and the fourth his new life as a woman looking for love.