Straight men sue over gay wedding announcement

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Two heterosexuals are claiming millions of dollar in damages after a false notice in a university newsletter announced they had got married in Boston.

Ross Weil, 29, and Brett Royce, 28, college friends who were also flatmates, claim that they have been harmed, while simultaneously claiming there is “nothing wrong” with being gay.

The bogus wedding announcement claimed the friends were The “Class Notes” section of the spring edition of alumnus quarterly American Magazine married in Boston in June 2006.

Weil and Royce are now suing the American University in Manhattan for $1.5m (£750,000) for defamation.

“No one contacted my clients to check the information,” lawyer Michael Kaufman, who represents Weil and Royce, told the New York Post.

“Obviously, neither of my clients submitted it.”

He insisted his clients were not being homophobic by claiming to have been defamed by the announcement.