Gay Governor’s wife demands more money

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The wife of former governor Jim McGreevey is demanding $4,000 (£2,000) a month from him as maintenance payments for her and their daughter Jacqueline.

“In total, I need $11,162 per month to meet my expenses,” Dina Matos Mc Greevey told a Union County Superior Court judge who is presiding over their divorce.

“This lifestyle by no means approximates the lifestyle which plaintiff enjoys, much less the lifestyle we enjoyed while plaintiff was governor, but it will allow Jacqueline and me to live a lifestyle I can maintain on my income together with a reasonable amount of support from plaintiff.”

At present the former New Jersey Governor is obligated to pay $1,129 per month.

Ms McGreevey also said that her estranged husband and his partner live in a 17-room mansion while she and her daughter live in a three-bedroom house.

Jim McGreevey became the first openly gay state Governor in American history following his dramatic public confession of an affair with his former homeland security advisor, Golan Cipel.

He left office two months later, in November 2004.

The gay confession followed threats from Cipel’s lawyer of a $50 million sexual harassment suit against McGreevey.

“My truth is that I am a gay American,” he told a press conference at the time.

Mr Mc Greevey wrote a book last year, The Confessions.

The former Governor appeared on Oprah last year, and shocked viewers with his confession of an encounter with a gay aide while his wife lay in bed in hospital following a difficult birth of their son.

Dina Matos Mc Greevey’s book, Silent Partner, came out earlier this year. She also appeared on Oprah.

Following the former Governor’s admissions, and further revelations of sexual encounters at highway rest stops, Mr McGreevey and his second wife began divorce proceedings.