Lesbian parents sue doctor over IVF twins

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A lesbian couple in Sydney, Australia are suing a doctor following IVF treatment that left them with twins.

The couple requested a single baby during treatment in November 2003, but the mother was implanted with two embryos rather than one.

The couple discovered the second embryo had been implanted in the hospital but were warned that an operation to remove it would put the other embryo at risk.

The couple also considered adoption but decided against it, for the sake of the twins’ relationship.

Doctor Robert Armelin is being sued by the unnamed couple for A$ 400,000 (£167,000) to cover the cost of raising one of the twins to the age of 21, according to the The Times.

The twins are now three years old.

The partner of the birth mother has spoken out in court, blaming the incident and subsequent stress of caring for twins for relationship difficulties, believing her partner doesn’t have “the same ability to love that she used to.”

Justice Annabelle Bennett has advised that the case be settled out of court.