Francesca Farago predicted that she and Jesse Sullivan would have twins before IVF success

The pair have been going through IVF. (Getty)

Francesca Farago and Jesse Sullivan recently revealed that their last round of IVF was successful, with the couple now expecting twins. And it seems that the reality star predicted that she would become a twin mum. 

The Too Hot To Handle star and Sullivan, who is transgender, took to Instagram on 1 April to announce that Farago is “newly pregnant” following their second embryo transfer. “We are so excited to be growing our family with Arlo as the coolest older sibling! AHH IM PREGNANT!,” she wrote.

The pair have been going through in vitro fertilisation together to grow their family before they tie the knot, and shared a throwback TikTok video in which Farago seemed to predict she would be having twins.

“I don’t need to BeReal,” the throwback clip began. “I need to BePregnantWithTwins.” Coincidence?

Reacting to her apparent manifestation, Farago responded: “Oh my God, it’s happening. It’s happening!”

Previously, Sullivan admitted to his partner before their obstetrics appointment in a video: “I’m nervous. Twins [are] fine, I just don’t want triplets.” The reality star said at the time: “I don’t care about the number, I just want to make sure that they’re both where they’re supposed to be [and] if they look healthy.”

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Cut to Farago in the clinic in the ultrasound room, where the scan showed two gestational sacs in her uterus. “Oh my God, there they are!”, Farago exclaimed.

“No stop!!!! Congratulations babe. You’re gnna be the best mummy,” commented fellow Too Hot To Handle star Emily Miller on their initial pregnancy announcement. “YAYYYY!!! So happy for you both!!!!,” said Demi Lovato. 

“So so so sososososooooooo happy for you two,” commented Selling Sunset’s Chrishell Stause. 

The parents have both been open on their journey, including their previous failed transfer, but have put some healthy boundaries in place regarding the identities of the egg and sperm cells the couple used in their transfer.  

“I totally get the curiosity but we’re not going to speak about who’s eggs/ sperm we used bc it really doesn’t matter! It’s @jessesulli and my baby no matter what the DNA,” she commented beneath one of her posts.

The couple who have recently been sporting what appears to be wedding rings despite their nuptial hiatus have been sharing their fertility journey on social media. The couple agreed to put their wedding plans on the back burner to focus on their IVF journey, as having children together is an important part of their relationship milestones, they revealed.

They previously explained that they opted for a medicated cycle for their second round, after undergoing the same during their first round. This is where someone undergoing IVF will be prescribed estrogen and progesterone medications to optimise the uterine lining for pregnancy, according to Alife Health.

Following their medicated cycle, the pair underwent an embryo transfer, the final step in the IVF process. This is where the embryo is transferred into the uterus, where, hopefully, a healthy pregnancy develops. 

We’re so happy for Farago and Sullivan, and wish them all the best of luck on their pregnancy journey.

If this story has affected you, call Resolve, the National Infertility Association in the US on 866 668 2566 for a callback, or in Australia call in complete confidence on 02 7906 8366 (Sydney) or 03 8840 6560 (Melbourne).

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