Christian theatre group condemns comedian’s Emmy speech

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If Kathy Griffin’s ultimate goal in life is to get off of the D List, winning an Emmy was a good start.

And annoying a Christian Theatre so much they’d spend $90,000 on an ad in USA Today condemning her Emmy speech is the icing on the cake.

The Miracle Theatre Group, based in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee -the same part of the world Dolly Parton is from – was so offended by Kathy’s acceptance speech, in which she said Jesus had nothing to do with her winning the award, they pooled funds to take out the full page ad in the daily newspaper, according to the Associated Press.

According to, the ad, which ran Monday, read:

“We at The Miracle Theater consider it an honor to stand for Jesus today. We may never win a national award.

“We may never be household names. We may never be seen in Hollywood. Although others may choose to use their national platform to slander our God, we are honoured as professional entertainers to stand for Christ.”

Griffin won the prestigious Emmy award from her reality show, My Life on the D List.

In her acceptance speech, the notoriously raunchy comedian said:

“I want you to know that no one had less to do with this award than Jesus. So, all I can say is, ‘suck it, Jesus.’ This award is my God now.”

Christian groups have been up and arms about Griffin’s speech since the ceremony two weeks ago.

While Griffin hasn’t issued an apology, she clarified on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that her intention was to poke for at all the artists who dedicate their various awards to Jesus and then turn around and party until the sun comes up.

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