Clinton fundraising catches up with Obama’s

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They may both support civil unions and not gay marriage, but one thing Senator Hillary Clinton and her rival for the democratic nomination, Barack Obama, don’t have in common is money.

Until now, he’s had more, but a new report suggests that’s all about to change.

According to a report by Bloomberg, both Clinton and Obama are expected to bring in $20 million (£10m) in campaign donations during the third quarter.

Until now, Obama has had the financial edge in fundraising, one of his few advantages in this race.

Now, poll donors suggest that if Clinton closes the fundraising gap, it will kill whatever momentum Obama had to overcome Clinton’s significant leads in national and key state polls.

In the second quarter of the fundraising year, Barack Obama topped Hillary Clinton in donations $33 to $27 million.

But as Clinton is expected to close the gap in the coming months, the Obama campaign has to regroup.

According to the Associated Press, their plan to significantly outspend Clinton on the campaign trail just hit a rough patch.

“The Clinton juggernaut is moving if she out-raises him this quarter,” Peter Fenn, a Democratic consultant who isn’t affiliated with any candidate this year, told Bloomberg.

“It makes the argument for her winnability an easier one.”

Currently, Clinton is a front runner in the majority of key states races. According to Bloomberg, her ability to outpace the competition in debates and on the campaign trail has been helping her with donors and fundraising.

In third on the fundraising circuit, John Edwards had been running neck in neck with Clinton and Obama.

As his fundraising momentum slows, a spokesperson for Edwards said he should be able to raise $1m in online donations in the last 10 days of the quarter.

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