EU sex advert’s millions of online hits

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A short promotional film released by the EU to promote their support for European films has had 4.2 million hits on EUtube, the European Commission’s YouTube channel, in less than three months.

Entitled Film Lovers Will Love This, The 44-second ad features couples – including gay men and lesbians – having sex.

Produced by the European Commission’s communications unit, it features short clips from a range of films, including French international hit Amelie, and finishes with the tagline “let’s come together.”

One clip features a sex scene between Gael Garcia Bernal and Fele Martínez from Pedro Almodovar’s Bad Education.

While not explicit, the light-hearted short annoyed homophobic Polish MEP Maciej Giertych, who accused the EU of immorality.

The advert is one of 44 produced to publicise the work of the European Union.

“The success of EUtube just confirms the importance of communicating in an interesting way and keeping up with the media that people like to use,” said Margot Wallstrom, the Communications Commissioner.

Not all MEPs took the promotional film so seriously.

Godfrey Bloom, a UKIP MEP, told the Daily Mail:

“I suppose this film is appropriate. The EU has been screwing Britain for the past 30 years.”

69 clips are available on the channel, which has received close to seven million hits overall.

To view Film Lovers Will Love This, scroll down.

NOTE: Not work safe.