Army sexual orientation discrimination tribunal begins

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A lesbian soldier’s life was made hell by a male sergeant who vowed to “convert” her, an employment tribunal will be told.

According to Lance Bombardier Kerry Fletcher, 30, the senior officer told her that she had not yet experienced a “real man.”

He also added, “You don’t know what you’re missing.”

Her case is being heard at an employment tribunal in Leeds today.

Yesterday the Ministry of Defence said: “We take allegations of sexual discrimination seriously.”

The sergeant allegedly sent Ms Fletcher perverted text messages about his penis and told her to break up with her “minging” girlfriend, according to The Sun.

When Ms Fletcher rejected his advances, she says she was harassed by his friends who forced her out of 40 Regiment, Royal Artillery in North Yorks.

In her new battery, Ms Fletcher faced similar treatment.

She says her tyres were slashed and she received abusive phone calls late at night.

She also claims to have overheard her new superior being instructed to “fuck her over” and “make her life a misery.”

Ms Fletcher, who is currently on sick leave following the 18-month ordeal, is claiming sex discrimination and discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation.