As Iowa chooses, Bush snoozes

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Don’t expect to hear President George W. Bush’s reaction to the Iowa caucus results until sometime today.

His press secretary suggested in a news conference yesterday that nap time likely will outweigh whatever desire the President has to see who will gain the early lead in the US 2008 election season.

“What time do all the results start coming in?” asked White House press secretary Dana Perino when reporters questioned whether the President would stay up to take in the returns.

“Because he goes to bed early.”

Bush understands “it’s a very exciting time for America as they look to all the choices that they have for who is running for President,” Perino said before adding, “but he’s not spending a lot of time on that.

“So we’ll be watching with interest,” she added, “but we’re not dwelling on it.”

Will the President be cheering for any candidate in particular while he watches with interest? “Nice try,” Perino responded. “No comment.”

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