Good news for Obama in Texas

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Though Hillary Clinton took Texas with the popular vote in the primaries, Barack Obama regained some lost ground by winning the state’s caucus, which accounts for one-third of the state’s delegates.

But the win is bittersweet, with the Clinton campaign crying foul, saying it might mount a legal challenge to the state’s caucus results.

Clinton’s camp is citing what it says are “hundreds of complaints” they received accusing the Obama campaign of mischief.

Clinton officials say they have evidence that the Obama campaign illegally obtained caucus packets in several precincts throughout the state.

CNN is reporting that Clinton’s camp claims Obama locked her supporters out of several caucuses.

With Tuesday’s one-two-three punch win for Clinton, the New York senator is now firmly back in the race.

Now more than ever Clinton’s camp is trying to paint Obama as the villain by whatever means necessary, several political pundits are arguing.

Texas has a hybrid system where two-thirds of the state’s delegates come from primaries and one-third comes from a caucus.

The split vote caused mass chaos throughout the state last night, the AP is reporting.

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