Darling hits bars and cars in first budget

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The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling delivered his budget earlier today.

Among other measures, he announced an increase in duty on alcohol and high polluting cars.

Like the rest of the drinking industry, the gay scene will be hit by a six per cent increase in alcohol tax with a two percent rise each year until 2012. This will mean an immediate increase of 55p to each bottle of spirits and a 4p increase on the pint of peer together with 14p per bottle of wine.

Supermarkets will be required to charge for single use plastic bags if they do not scrap them all together.

There will be an increase on “green tax” on flights and there will be an increase on tax for the most polluting cars.

Mr Darling also set out measures and reviews to “secure stability in these times of global economic uncertainty.”

The Conservative leader, David Cameron said: “People watching this Budget will conclude that the Chancellor and the Prime Minister live in an entirely different world from everyone else.”

He said every time people got a new mortgage, filled up their car, shopped at the supermarket, they had to pay more.

“The cost of living is going up and Labour is making it worse.”

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg told the House of Commons: “The Chancellor is the Prime Minister’s creature, struggling to clear up the mess left by his boss under instructions from Number 10.

“What we have seen today is an act of political ventriloquism. I would like to compliment the Prime Minister, I watched him very closely, his lips barely moved all the while the Chancellor was speaking.”