Gay paper claims Naomi Campbell will work at AIDS charity

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Gay community newspaper Pink Paper has reported that model Naomi Campbell will spend five weeks working South London based charity Food Chain from tomorrow. However, the charity denies the claim.

The newspaper did not name their source but an official spokesman for Food Chain told the Streatham Guardian that there were no plans for her to work there. The Probation Service also could not confirm the claims.

The charity delivers food packages to patients living with HIV or AIDS.

Ms Campbell was sentenced to 200 hours of community service in June for assaulting two police officers and verbally assaulting the captain of a British Airways aeroplane she went “berserk” on.

The supermodel was also fined £2,300 and a total of £550 compensation to the police officers and the captain.

Naomi Campbell needs a kick up the backside, according to lesbian comedian Rosie O’Donnell.

O’Donnell challenged the supermodel to a duel after discovering she allegedly assaulted her assistant with a mobile phone in New York last month.

She said: “To make matters worse she had that jewel-encrusted cell phone, that’s got to score with the diamonds.

“She looks like you could snap her in two but she’s a tough-ass, kick-ass woman.

And O’Donnell appears to see herself as the ideal candidate to sort the model out, “I would actually like to fight her. I think for all the people that she’s beaten up, I think she needs a big 200 pound (91kg) lesbian to kick her ass.”