Gay designers find love on the TV catwalk

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Wesley Nault, who was the second designer eliminated on US reality TV show Project Runway this season during this week’s episode, has confirmed he is in a romantic relationship with another contestant on the hit Bravo series.

Nault is reportedly dating fellow Project Runway contestant Daniel Feld, who is still in the running to take home the top prize in the fifth season of the show.

In an interview with The New York Post, Nault said the two started dating on the show, but that they tried to keep their personal relationship away from the cameras.

“We tried to keep it suppressed at first… it’s hard to read stuff in the blogs and stuff, it kinds of creates a stress in your relationship, but I think it’s going very well.”

“We met on the show,” Nault told People magazine on Thursday. “We tried to keep it very professional on the show because we were both there for our careers, and we didn’t really expect this to come out of it. But I’m really happy.” reported a rumour earlier that two of this season’s Project Runway contestants were dating each other, which was confirmed by the show’s fashion mentor Tim Gunn. However, Gunn refused to name the contestants.

Once Wesley Nault was eliminated from the show during this week’s episode, he freely spoke about his ongoing relationship with his former fellow contestant. At first, he was actually quite surprised anyone cared that the two were dating.

“I am shocked that they’re talking about this, I really am… I’m shocked it’s such a big deal,” Nault told People.

Both Nault, 23, and Feld, 25, originally hail from Massachusetts, though they now both live in New York City. They eventually plan to collaborate professionally once this season of Project Runway comes to an end.

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