EastEnders: Stacey and Bradley back together for good

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It’s a wonder that Stacey Branning is still this side of sanity after everything the market stall trader has been through. If being a part-time carer for her deranged mum Jean wasn’t enough to drive her to drink, she’s got a psychopath for a brother and has also managed to sleep with her husband’s father.

However, things are about to turn around for the troubled lass. Admittedly, the week doesn’t start off too well as Stacey thinks she could be pregnant. It soon transpires that it is just a false alarm, leaving Bradley crestfallen. He’s also worried when Stacey brushes it off as if it was nothing. Is Stacey’s lack of emotion a way of masking her true feelings about motherhood?

Needless to say, the whole pregnancy episode puts a strain on Bradley and Stacey’s relationship. Bradley starts to question if she even wants to be with him anymore. To put himself out of his misery he tells her to meet him in the Vic at 6pm. He decides that if she doesn’t show he’ll know they are not meant to be.

In typical Walford style, six o’clock comes and goes and there is still no sign of Stacey. Poor Bradley prepares himself for the fact that he will never be with the love of his life. But then who should appear behind him but the brazen minx herself. Fishing out Bradley’s wedding ring she tells him she wants to be his wife again. Don’t you just love a happy ending?

From Walford’s answer to Romeo and Juliet, to a far less likely paring: Phil and Suzy. For some reason Phil can’t see that Shirley is the one he should be with and he insists on chasing after Max’s gold-digging sister. He must be well and truly under her spell because she persuades him to sledgehammer some concrete that’s covering the spot where she has buried a gold bar. Like a lemming, he does her dirty work then she asks him to sell it for her in return for, well, let’s just say, her services. When will Phil see that Shirley really likes him and that he should dump money-grabbing Suzy?

Meanwhile, teenage tearaway Lucy is back to her old tricks again. The minute Christian’s back is turned she invites her fit-but-dim boyfriend Olly over for some extra-curricular activities.

However, when Lucy takes things one step further by foolishly inviting a gaggle of teenage reprobates over for a party, Christian walks in on them and goes berserk.
When will this silly schoolgirl learn to behave herself?

Christian is hurt that Lucy wasn’t straight with him about inviting Olly over. Lucy tries to make up for her lack of honesty by telling him that she has decided to go on the pill. Christian is shocked as Lucy is way too young to do that. Is this another cry for attention?

Lucy’s strict dad Ian gets the last laugh when he invites Olly and his mum over for dinner with him and Lucy. Mortified, Lucy tries to contact her boyfriend to tell him not to come but to no avail. Even Jane thinks her husband has gone too far with this one and tells Ian to cancel the dinner as it will embarrass Lucy. Will Ian cancel the meal or has he got an ulterior motive for wanting to meet Olly and his mum?
EastEnders: Stacey and Bradley back together for good