Fox News got a psychic to predict 2024 presidential election – and it’s not good news for Trump

Side by side images of a psychic doing a reading for Donald Trump on Fox News' Jesse Watters Primetime with a picture of the tarot card she drew

Fox News invited a tarot-card-reading psychic on to prime-time TV to offer her prediction for the 2024 election, and she had had some grim news for Donald Trump. 

In between being triggered by “gay nutcrackers” and pushing conspiracy theories, Jesse Watters is no stranger to including an off-the-wall moment on the right-wing new channel since he took over Tucker Carlson’s Fox News slot in July

He had another bizarre moment during his show on Tuesday (2 January), when he brought out “English psychic” Paula Roberts to give a live reading on how Trump will fare in the presidential election

Watters prefaced the segment with an anecdote about meeting a different psychic at a recent dinner party, who said there would be a “grave injustice” this autumn when he asked about Trump’s fate come November.

The Fox News host apparently thinks fortune telling is a legitimate way to predict a presidential election. So, he brought on Roberts to give a second opinion and maybe alleviate some of anxieties being felt by Trump supporters about what’s in store in the coming months.

Roberts, according to her website, is not only a psychic but also a clairvoyant, ghost hunter and handwriting analyst. Good to cover a lot of bases. 

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But things didn’t go as planned when Watters asked her to give him a “one card” reading on former president Trump. 

“Let’s do just one card… we like that one,“ Roberts said before turning over the card, which showed a dark, cloaked figure standing among five empty chalices on the ground. 

“Uh-oh,” both Watters and Roberts said, almost in unison, as they stared at the ominous-looking card. 

“What is that?” Watters asked, laughing.

“I do recognise I’m on Fox TV,” she quipped before explaining that she foresees a “sense of loss” for Trump. 

“A sense of loss, but it’s very specific. It’s as if he may be thinking more about what he’s lost, and not still taking full advantage of what he still has.”

Watters deemed the psychic’s explanation a “great interpretation” as they both laughed. 

Trump, who is still the front runner for the Republican presidential nomination, has continued to face a backlash for his time as president and how he left the White House. 

He faces a slew of scandals and a number of criminal indictments. The former president has portrayed the legal battle against him as a politically motivated smear campaign. 

He also faces possible disqualification from appearing on the presidential primary ballots in Colorado and Maine for his alleged role in inciting the violent 6 January attack on the US Capitol three years ago.

Both states cited the constitution’s 14th amendment, which disqualifies people from office who have “previously sworn an oath to support the constitution” and have “engaged in insurrection or rebellion”.

Trump is appealing against the decisions. 

Watters also asked what the psychic saw for President Joe Biden. Roberts pulled out the nine of pentacles from her tarot deck, which apparently means the White House incumbent will see “lots and lots and lots and lots of money”. 

Laughing, Watters joked: “You mean from China?”

It appeared to be a reference to the right-wing’s unfounded allegations that the president has unlawful business ties to China. But, really, it was more a sad attempt at a somewhat comedic conservative clap-back.

“Oh, you are cheeky,” Roberts said. “I didn’t say from where.”

Roberts claims her readings are “true”, and she doesn’t “make it up”. 

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