Coronation Street: Jerry tells Teresa he still loves her

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There is an unexpected turn of events between Teresa and Jerry this week that proves even more shocking than her plot to poison him. At the start of the week poor Jerry is lying unconscious in hospital after Teresa almost finished him off with a cocktail of pills. However, as he starts to come round Teresa is terrified he will remember something incriminating and scarpers. Will it all come flooding back to Jerry?

Convinced that Jerry will blow her cover Teresa runs back to the street and starts packing her bags. She is just about to leave when Mel rings her saying that Jerry is asking for her at the hospital. Against her better judgement Teresa goes to the hospital, she decides to come clean and tell Terry about the poisoning but before she can utter a word Terry delivers some shocking news of his own. He tells her he’s still in love with her and wants to make a go of things again. That’s right, he wants to patch things up with the woman who’s been callously plotting his demise for the past few weeks! Will guilty Teresa be forced to spill the beans now?

Meanwhile, Dev is left feeling confused as Nina continues to blow hot and cold. After she cancels a date with him he moans to Lloyd about his frustrating predicament. He’s in mid-rant when who should turn up but Nina herself! However, Dev’s happiness at seeing her is soon cut short when she reveals that Prem is on his way over too. What is Nina’s game?

A very uncomfortable situation follows when Prem approaches Dev and asks him if he’d like to be chair of his Asian business group and Dev agrees. Later, back at the flat Dev realises that now he is involved in Prem’s business he can’t afford any complications and tries to let Nina down gently. But she’s not having any of it and makes it clear she is not used to being turned down. Will a humiliated and rejected Nina use her power to ruin things for Dev?

Elsewhere, Mel gets caught up in pub brawl during a girls’ night out with Abi. The two of them are enjoying a drink when they spot two girls have a heated row. Mel wants to intervene but Abi reminds her that they are off duty. But when things escalate they ring the police and Mel goes over to try and calm the situation down. However, the drunken girls turn on her, forcing Abi to wade in too. Things then get nasty as the girls start to attack Abi. Has Mel made a terrible mistake?

Later, Mel is devastated when Abi reveals she has a detached retina due to the fight and will need surgery. Blaming herself, Mel wonders where this leaves their careers in the police force.

Meanwhile, Sean is left devastated when Marcus phones him to tell him he is going away with Noel for a few days. Feeling down about his relationship, Sean turns to Tom for a shoulder to cry on and it’s not long before he starts to notice how good looking Tom is. Has Sean forgotten about Marcus already? And will his feelings towards Tom be reciprocated?
Coronation Street: Jerry tells Teresa he still loves her