Taiwanese gay “priest” accused of fraud and sexual assault

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A man who claimed he could ward off ghosts that targeted gay men is to be investigated by police in Taiwan.

Several men came forward to complain about the activities of Tsai Hung-chieh.

It is thought many others may have fallen victim and been unwilling to admit it publicly.

Tsai, 24, is one of two priests at the Wei Ming Temple in Yungho, a suburb of Taipei, reports Apple Daily.

He is alleged to have drugged and raped some men, while other were charged up to 360,000 Taiwanese dollars (£6,310) for advice about how to meet other gay men.

It is also alleged he told his victims that they should masturbate to drive out a demon living in their penis.

The gay scene in Taiwan has blossomed since the first pride parade in 2003, which attracted only 1,000 marchers. There are now gay cafes and bookshops.

But while tolerance has grown, social attitudes and equality laws still lag behind.

Compared to its Asian neighbours Taiwan has a more positive stance towards the gay community, and has previously discussed introducing same-sex unions.