EastEnders: Tanya discovers Jack’s been keeping a dark secret

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When Tanya Branning dumped adulterous husband Max in order to shack up with his brother Jack it was never going to be plain sailing. This week, events manage to take a turn for the worst when Max opens a festering can of worms that threatens to blow Tanya and Jack’s relationship apart. Will Max succeed in reaping the ultimate revenge on his brother and ex-wife?

It seemed like things had almost been running too smoothly for ex-copper Jack Branning lately. He owns a successful nightclub, he’s romanced his brother’s wife without receiving so much as a black eye and he’s loaded. Something had to go wrong; it is the law of soaps.

This week it does, with a little help from Max. He discovers that all is not as it seems regarding Jack’s daughter’s accident and decides to tip-off Tanya. How considerate of him. Max tells her that he knows the truth about what happened to Jack’s daughter and it paints a very bad picture of doting daddy Jack. What dark secret is Jack withholding?

Later in the week, Tanya confronts Jack about what Max has told her. Jack tries to keep tight-lipped. Tanya insists she will have no more liars living under her roof and tells him to get out. He begs her not to end things but she won’t have it, and so he finally blurts out the truth. Tanya is left shell-shocked. Is this the end for Tanya and

Elsewhere on the square there are more shocks in store as Tony and underage schoolgirl Whitney continue their licentious affair. Bianca has no idea that her boyfriend is sleeping with her stepdaughter under her own roof. But the cover is nearly blown when little Tiffany walks into Whitney’s bedroom to find Tony in there with her. Will Bianca discover that Tony is taking advantage of 15 year-old Whitney?

Meanwhile, after numerous failed attempts, Callum finally plucks up the courage to tell Danielle that he doesn’t want to see her anymore. Phew! However, Danielle isn’t as green as she looks. She spots Callum staring at Stacey and realises the he fancies her. Danielle promptly tells Stacey that Callum likes her and asks if the feeling is mutual. Stacey tells her that as long as she stays away from Callum, she and Bradley will be fine. We’ll take that as a yes then!

Over at the Vic, a simple family portrait causes more grief than expected as Peggy tries to gather all the Mitchells together. Ronnie point blank refuses to be in the same room as her dad Archie, while Honey just drops off the children rebuffing the photo opportunity herself. Not one of Peggy’s best ideas we must say.

Poor old Peggy is beside herself as she tries to reconcile various family members with each other. Matters aren’t helped by Pat gloating over Peggy’s seemingly disparate family. It’s even more humiliating for Peggy when the photographer fails to turn up and she’s forced to ask Pat to take the picture. When will Peggy learn that the Mitchells are never going to be a happy family?
EastEnders: Tanya discovers Jack’s been keeping a dark secret