Emmerdale: Bob hits rock bottom

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Bob starts off the week trying to make Nicola and Val reconsider the legal action against him. Nicola points out that as Viv pleaded guilty they now want their money back. Bob promptly loses his temper.

Later, he’s out with the twins when Heath manages to lock himself and Cathy in the car. Bob panics and is forced to cough up £20 for Eli to get the nippers out.

Edna grows concerned for Bob’s state of mind and tries to convince the other villagers to delay the legal action. There’s no way that Nicola is going to agree to that.

Bob meanwhile, has decided to have a firm word with the editor of the Hotton Courier.

He races to the offices but his demands to see the boss are refused. Desperate, Bob spots a decorator’s platform and climbs it. A crowd gather as Bob begins to rant about how the paper has ruined his life. Val and Terry rush to the scene and eventually persuade him to come back down to earth. Is Bob losing the plot?

Elsewhere in the dales, Jimmy pays Zak to drive Scarlett to college. But the naughty girl offers Zak a hefty tip if he’ll ditch the school run and drop her off to go shopping with her mates instead. Taken in by the offer of cash, Zak agrees. He later tells Debbie about this new arrangement and she’s not best pleased, but he convinces her that they need the money.

Zak’s money spinner is about to explode in his face though. When he next drops Scarlett off at home, they’re spotted by Jimmy. What will he say when he finds out what’s been going on?

Lexi is in need of some cash too and she pesters Val to give her a job. Val persuades Pollard to give the girl a trial placement in the factory. When Lexi discovers that Pollard is advertising for a supervisor she makes it her mission to get the job. She’s up for some stiff competition though. Lisa is going for the post too – may the best woman win! But just who is the best woman?

Pollard decides to test the women’s ability in order to decide who gets the job. Plenty of underhand dealing ensues. But will cunning Lexi get the upper hand? Or will people’s favourite Lisa come out on top?

Katie tells Matthew of her fears about the future of the stables this week. She feels that her damaged reputation is going to have a major effect on business. Matthew makes the situation worse when, thinking he’s being helpful, he shows Anna around the stables and then tells Katie that he’s found a potential buyer. But his best intentions backfire. Katie becomes angry that she’s seen as so disposable and Anna accuses Matthew of having a hidden agenda with Katie. Will Katie be able to save the business?
Emmerdale: Bob hits rock bottom