Hollyoaks: Will Carmel and Calvin make it down the aisle?

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It’s the day of the big Hollyoaks wedding – Carmel and Calvin are going to walk down the aisle at last. Or are they?

Calvin wakes up that morning and realises he has to come clean to Carmel about Nige. But will he go through with his honest intentions? And what will Carmel say if she does find out the truth?

Over at the McQueens’ house it’s absolute chaos. The family is rushing around getting ready for the wedding. Carmel looks stunning in her wedding dress, there’s only one slight problem with it – it’s too tight. Oh dear. Little sister Michaela comes up with an ingenious plan to get Carmel down the aisle – one that involves roller skates!

Warren gets himself into a bit of a panic when the police raid The Loft. He promptly tells Calvin that he’s got drugs stashed on the premises. Calvin quickly puts the cocaine in his own pocket. Eddie then arrives with the sniffer dogs. Has Calvin just put his career and his marriage on the line? Carmel certainly isn’t too happy as she waits for her groom at the altar. It’s promising to be an exciting week in Hollyoaks village!

Louise has doubts of her own this week too as she questions Warren again about Mandy. Warren assures her that there’s absolutely nothing going on between them. He should have added a “yet” to the end of his sentence though, because as the week progresses he finds himself in a rather compromising position with Mandy. Will this sneaky pair get away with a night of passion?

Craig and John Paul are also finding that the path of true love never runs smoothly in soapland. Craig makes his feeling for John Paul quite clear. But in the wake of Kieron’s death, John Paul firmly tells him that he’s blown his chance.

As John Paul watches Craig walk away, he finds a one-way ticket to Dublin’s been secretly stashed in his pocket. He soon has second thoughts.

When John Paul later tells Niall that he’s thinking of packing up and heading across to the Emerald Isle to be with Craig, he doesn’t realise he’s about to get into an extremely sinister situation. Niall drugs John Paul’s drink, intending to finish him off the way he did Kieron.

As John Paul gets stuck into his spiked drink, Niall watches on waiting for the drugs to work. Unwittingly, John Paul has actually managed to switch the beers around. So little does naughty Niall realise, he’s now drinking the spiked beer.

As John Paul finishes his drink and makes a dash for it to try and catch up with Craig, Steph discovers Niall unconscious on the floor. We told you that it was a dramatic week in Chester!
Hollyoaks: Will Carmel and Calvin make it down the aisle?