Sponsorship rumours surround gay Olympic swimmer

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Matthew Mitcham, the Olympic gold medallist diver, may be about to sign his first national sponsor.

The athlete, who drew media attention by coming out as gay shortly before this summer’s Olympic games, is rumoured to be the next face of swimwear and underwear brand AussieBum, samesame.com reports.

Though neither party has yet confirmed or denied the rumours, Sean Ashby, founder of AussieBum, said:

“We were fortunate enough to meet Matthew prior to competing in the Beijing Olympics. Everyone in the company watched Matthew dive.

“To witness this man winning gold was a moment we will talk about with great pride; an Australian who chose to believe in himself.”

On his recent Olympic victory, Mr Mitcham said:

“Winning gold in Beijing was an amazing experience for me.

“I’ve been overwhelmed with the public’s response to my achievement and am looking forward to the road ahead.”

The rumours of his possible sponsorship deal have come as Mr Mitcham announced that he has appointed Grand Slam International as his new managers.

Other athletes managed by Grand Slam International include Ian Thorpe and Leisel Jones.

David Flaskas, managing director of Grand Slam International, said:

“Matthew is an outstanding young athlete whose performance in Beijing was breathtaking.

“He acted with great modesty and sportsmanship in light of his success and that has endeared him to all Australians.”

Earlier this month, Mr Mitcham’s victory, along with that of other Australian Olympic champions, was commemorated on a set of special postage stamps.