Conference blog: Never kissed a Tory?

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

LGBT Labour have come up with a novel slogan for their new T-shirts, which they are selling to raise funds.

“Never Kissed A Tory – never will.”

This has provided endless amusement to the party’s gays, with many admissions of liaisons with the opposition.

LGBT Labour co-chair Katie Hanson has reassured her socialist colleagues.

“It is more of an aspiration,” she told their fringe meeting last night, “it does not have to be true for you to buy the T-shirt!”


Some confusion at the conference centre yesterday as LGBT Labour’s fringe had been mislabelled “KGB Labour” by the facilities crew.

Were there any confused spies being treated to Ben Bradshaw and Angela Eagle talking gay rights?

Stonewall were co-hosting the event, and chief executive Ben Summerskill said they were considering presenting Ms Eagle, a junior Treasury minister, with a magnum of champagne, in honour of her civil partnership ceremony this weekend.

However, he thought better of it.

Given the current financial turmoil, it may have sent the wrong message. Is champagne socialism dead?


Huge turnout at the Labour Friends of Israel reception last night, where the Prime Minister and the Foreign Secretary both spoke. Though they were not in the room at the same time.

There was much discussion of David Miliband’s “Blair hand” – when speaking he has a tendency to gesture and pause in a way eerily remisicent of the former PM.


All eyes on the PM today as he gives his big Leader’s speech to conference. Given his recent contrition (“I must do better”) it may be as much mea culpa as messianic.