Sex and the City star shows support for gay families

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An organisation that represents lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender headed families has attacted support from one of the most prominent out women in Hollywood.

Cynthia Nixon, the star of TV and movie hit Sex and the City, will speak about the importance of equality for LGBT families at the Family Equality Council’s 5th annual National Awards Dinner in California next month.

“The National Awards Dinner is the premier event for LGBT parents and families and those individuals and companies who support equality for diverse family constellations,” the FEC said in a statement.

“This year we will recognise HBO and The Pop Luck Club for their contributions to securing equality for all loving families.”

Ms Nixon, 42, played fiery redhead Miranda Hobbes in Sex and the City.

She is raising two children with her partner of four years, Christine Marinon.

In April she revealed that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 and underwent radiation treatment to treat the disease.

Speaking to Good Morning America she said it was important to tell the children exactly what was going on.

“[I told them] ‘It’s very small and it’s very early.

“I’m going to have an operation, they’re going to take it out, and then we’re going to have six and a half weeks of radiation, every weekday.

“This is what grandma went through, and I’m going to be fine.”